Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Carnival Times Three

1/26/16 water-soluble colored pencils
I like eating squash, but that’s not why this carnival squash made its way into my grocery cart. I knew those vibrant colors and patterns would be a still life before it ever became part of dinner.

Yesterday I sketched it the old-fashioned way – first with colored pencils and then with watercolor. We didn’t eat it last night, so this morning I had one more chance to sketch it, this time with Autodesk Sketchbook.

Each medium has very different challenges and frustrations, and yet each is fun in different ways. With colored pencils, I examined the intricate patterns more closely as I tried to emulate them, but I completely forgot to save out the white highlights. I skipped the initial line drawing on the watercolor version, so going straight to paint was difficult, yet also liberating because I allowed it to be more abstract without trying to capture the patterns accurately. I think I got its shape most accurately in the digital version – the shape was more difficult than I had initially thought; by the third try, I had more practice – and it was easy to put in white highlights afterwards, but the tools (spray paint and brush) I chose made it look blurry.

I think this squash has earned its keep. It’s dinner tonight.

1/26/16 Van Gogh watercolors
1/27/16 Autodesk Sketchbook


  1. It is so interesting to see the three very different versions and hear your thought processes. Which of the three mediums are you most comfortable with? I would not know where to begin outside of my watercolour pencils !. I can see why you bought it in the first place !

    1. I think I was most comfortable with colored pencils on this series, but I found the pencils harder to shade with than paint. Digital sketching is still very UNcomfortable for me -- the stylus is so clumsy (or I'm so clumsy) to use!


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