Friday, January 2, 2015

November-December Sketchbook

My November-December sketchbook
Here’s my completed November-December sketchbook. On the covers are the Gingerbread Village that I sketched with the Friday sketchers last month and the City Cantabile Choir, also sketched during the holidays.

I was impressed by Liz Steel’s stack of sketchbooks as well as Kate Buike’s, so I had to follow suit and take a photo of my sketchbooks from 2014. (Not included in the photo are various Stillman & Birn sketchbooks I use in my studio and larger mixed-media sketchbooks I take to life drawing sessions. Since I dont use them regularly, it takes a while to fill them, but Ill eventually put them on the bookshelf to join the others.)

2014's sketchbook collection!


  1. This is great. How do you make these though? Do you have an instructional video or know of someone who does?

    1. Thanks, Elaine! I learned Coptic stitch from a book called "Handmade Books and Cards" by Jean Kropper, but you can just Google "Coptic stitch tutorial," and you'll find many online instructions including videos for this binding stitch. It's relatively complex and takes some practice to get the tension even and consistent, but I really like it because the pages open all the way flat, and the stitched spines look nice. Give it a try!


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