Monday, January 5, 2015

Can You Tell it’s Raining Here?

1/5/15 Iroshizuku Take-sumi ink, Clairefontaine notebook
More baby animals from my old calendar – this time a gorilla and a cheetah. Instead of a sketchbook, I used a Clairefontaine notebook, which contains paper famed for its fountain-pen friendliness: It’s smooth as glass. I knew it wouldn’t take a wash, but I wanted the challenge of using pen and ink line work only. I missed the ability to shade easily with the swipe of a waterbrush, but sometimes I find myself using color or shading to compensate for sloppy line work. It’s an enjoyable challenge to see how much I can convey with as little line work as possible. 

P.S. Dont forget to check out my friend and fabulous watercolor painter Michele Coopers blog today  shes next up for the Around the World Blog Hop! 

1/4/15 Diamine Sapphire ink


  1. Wonderful line sketches, Tina!!! That baby gorilla is just adorable.

    I have been following Michele's blog since you "tagged" her last week. I did a preview and keep going back every day now. Her World Blog Hop post is wonderful. The two of you blow me away with how eloquent you write as well as sketch. Do you know each other from a writing class? Thanks for giving me another person to enjoy visiting.

    1. Glad to hear that Michele's blog is as inspiring to you as it is to me, Joan! I agree -- Michele is a fab artist and writer! We met through Urban Sketchers and The Sketchbook Project!


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