Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Empty-Nest Syndrome

12/3/14 various inks, Zig marker, Canson XL 140 lb. paper
When I was sketching a tree the other day with a couple of abandoned nests in it, I started thinking that bare trees revealing nests would make a good winter series. (Once the weather goes bad, I’m always looking for subjects I can sketch easily from my car.) On my way home from getting a haircut today, I spotted a nest at the top of an otherwise very bare tree in the Roosevelt neighborhood. The Econo-Mini billboard behind it made an interesting background, but unfortunately, my poor lettering made a mess of it (I told you I hate doing lettering in sketches!), and I didn’t want to sketch the buildings around the tree, which made for a lame composition. Despite that, I like the idea. Stay tuned for more trees with empty-nest syndrome.


  1. Ha! Empty nest syndrome and the dreaded lettering! Kudos for keeping calm and sketching on!

  2. I chuckled at empty next syndrome. I just noticed one this afternoon in a tree next to the house. Maybe I can park in my car in the driveway to sketch it? ;)

  3. I wonder if the nest is empty. Given its size it looks like a squirrel's nest. Lots of them exposed around here as well and most of them have a squirrel inside :-)

    I'm enjoying all your tree sketches. I should follow suit and probably would if I had a car to sit in. I'll have to become more inventive if I'm going to sketch winter trees.

    Cheers --- Larry

  4. Love the empty-nest idea! I was thinking of you sketching the nest the other day while I was taking my walk this morning. Looking up as I trekked along I only saw one nest...why aren't there more? Anyway, I like this with the billboard behind it adding that touch of color and human interaction. Lettering in a sketch is always a pain. I'm always running out of room for the last few letters. lol Have a great day!


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