Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Goal is the Experience

11.8/12 fountain pen, Private Reserve Velvet Black ink, Hand Book sketchbook
The Seattle Sketcher gave a presentation at Gage Academy of Art today to a packed house of sketchers, sketcher wannabes and other fans. Gabi told a lot of interesting behind-the-sketch stories about some sketches that have appeared in his Seattle Times column. He also talked about how, although he enjoyed drawing when he was young, it wasn’t until he became an adult that he began appreciating the value of sketching one’s environment. Gary Faigin, Gage artistic director, who interviewed Gabi, asked something about a particular sketch Gabi had made. His response resonated with my own reasons for being an urban sketcher:
“The goal is not the sketch. The goal is the experience.”
I’ll bet all the other urban sketchers in the room were nodding in agreement! However, I wouldn’t know, as I was too busy sketching. (This was my second sketch of Gabi. The first was back in April when he spoke at the Seattle Public Library.)

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