Friday, November 30, 2012

I’m on a Santa Roll

11/30/12 Platinum Carbon ink, Zig markers, Epsilon
Two Santas in as many days – I guess I’m on a roll.
I had so much fun sketching at Northgate yesterday that I hopped on a bus downtown this morning to Pacific Place, where I knew that Kate had sketched Santa recently. I tried to get up close and personal with Santa as I had at Northgate, but to do that, the angle would have been difficult, or else I would have been standing in the path of commerce (which undoubtedly would have been frowned upon by nearby merchants as well as shoppers). So I walked to the floor directly above Santa and included one of his “elf” photographers checking out the image on a laptop.
(Technical note: Wanting to continue giving my new Epsilon a workout, I sketched this with a Lamy fountain pen and Zig markers, which took to the smooth surface beautifully.)

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