Sunday, November 18, 2012

Seattle Art Museum Lobby

11/18/12 Platinum Carbon ink, watercolor, Hand Book sketchbook
Even without going up into the exhibits, the downtown Seattle Art Museum is full of interesting interior spaces and artworks, and the Seattle Urban Sketchers made a huge turnout for a sketchcrawl there.
Looking down over the café entrance and the children’s play area, I started out by sketching a fellow sketcher (who turned out to be Carleen, I figured out later) seated in the stairwell. (If you check out her Flickr photostream, you’ll see the sketches she was sketching while I sketched her.)
Eventually I got up the courage to attempt a somewhat abstract sketch of the cars hanging from the main lobby ceiling (Inopportune: Stage One, a sculpture by Cai Guo-Qiang). After all, how often do you get a convenient opportunity to sketch the underbellies of a bunch of cars?
11/18/12 Zig markers, Hand Book sketchbook

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