Thursday, November 29, 2012

Northgate Santa

11/29/12 Platinum Sepia ink, Stillman & Birn Epsilon sketchbook
Santa and his elf photographer weren’t very busy. With nothing else to do, Santa was happy to pose for me once he noticed that I was sketching him. I had a feeling he’d eventually get a customer, so I left some space on his knee. Sure enough, this little tyke showed up. His parents and Santa all anticipated that his trepidation could turn into a full-on bawl, so they knew they had to act quickly. So did I. Fortunately, the tyke was more patient than we expected, and mom and dad were determined to get a smile, so I had enough time to sketch him.
Note that Santa autographed the sketch!
(A technical note: The only sketchbook I had with me was my new Stillman & Birn Epsilon, which I knew wouldn’t be ideal with watercolors, but how could I sketch Santa without adding some color? So I took a chance with it. Although I don’t really care for the toothless surface as a backdrop to watercolor, the paper nonetheless held up well to the washes with only minor buckling – no worse than what I usually get with my Gamma sketchbook.)

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