Friday, May 19, 2023

Cloud City Marquee


5/13/23 Cloud City Coffee in Maple Leaf
As my favorite neighborhood coffee place, Cloud City Coffee has appeared in my sketchbooks many times over the years – both inside and out. If I counted right, this sketch is my fifth one of Cloud City’s cool art deco sign. The first time was when I had been sketching only a few months (by coincidence, it was 11 years ago almost to the day). Of course I sketched it again in 2016 when it was repainted with a new logo. The best part about the sign is the marquee-like chasing lights that form the arrow.

On the morning of the first day of what we were told would be our “first” (that’s ominous) record-breaking heatwave of the year, it was still early and cool when I stopped on my walk across the street from Cloud City. I’ve sketched the sign in full color so often that I took a different approach this time: Just a quick snapshot of the sign leading lots of locals to their morning caffeine fix.


  1. You have such interesting coffee places to sketch. Super sign!

    1. Lots of coffee shops in town... but not too many cool signs like this! :-)


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