Thursday, May 4, 2023

Ravenna Third Place Books


4/29/23 Third Place Books, Ravenna neighborhood

For a long time now, I have tried to avoid adding more books to my already overstacked bookcases and use the library whenever I can. Some books, however, are important to own, and one I really wanted was Chandler O’Leary’s latest (and very sadly, last) book, On Island Time. When it was released a few months ago, I planned to eventually buy it on Independent Bookstore Day, which would be a good excuse to shop. I didn’t know then that within a couple of months, Chandler would be gone. I still regret that I didn’t make more of an effort to get to one of her booksigning events to see her again and congratulate her in person for yet another fabulous book. But I thought I would have plenty of time for that – she was planning to be at Sketcher Fest in July, and of course, there would be more opportunities. We always assume there will be more.

I was thinking about all of this as I sat in my car in Third Place Books’ parking lot waiting for the store to open. At the lot entrance, a street sign marks “Michael Coy Way,” which honors the long-time Seattle bookseller and former Third Place Books Ravenna manager. This is the third year I’ve shopped at the Third Place Ravenna store on Indie Bookstore Day, so I guess it’s now my tradition!

This is the third year Blackwing has collaborated with National Independent Bookstore Day
 on a limited-edition pencil design that only bookstores can sell.

Unfortunately, my strategy to wait until Saturday to buy Chandler’s book was a poor one: It had been sold out for a while. On Island Time is now going into second printing, but it won’t be out again for a few more months. I got on the waiting list for a copy.

Disappointed that I didn’t get the book, I consoled myself by grabbing a box of limited-edition Blackwing pencils (OK, OK, I admit it: It was my intention to buy some all along!). If you have been wanting to buy a book (or the Blackwings), this week would be a good time to visit your local indie shop – National Independent Bookstore Day events continue through May 8.


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