Monday, May 14, 2012

Urban Sketchers’ Manifesto No. 2, Part 2

5/13/12, Copic Multiliner SP, Tombow, Akashiya Sai, colored pencil, opaque white pen

Urban Sketchers’ Manifesto No. 2: Our drawings tell the story of our surroundings, the places we live and where we travel.

On another warm, sunny afternoon, I walked over to Cloud City Coffee, one of my favorite neighborhood coffee spots (and kind of the inspiration for my blog’s name), and sat down at a shady outdoor table. I love the funky, art deco sign. Just beyond the sign is the venerable Maple Leaf water tower, no longer used for its intended purpose, but much loved as a neighborhood icon. Sketching the sign, I suddenly remembered that the tower is destined to be taken down. I almost put it into this sketch, but decided it deserves a sketch of its own. I felt alarmed: I have to get back there again sometime soon to sketch it before it’s gone. Compelled to snap a quick picture with my phone, I stopped myself.

Taking a photo with my phone is a good way to preserve a monument in my phone. Sketching is a good way to preserve a monument in my memory.

(This is one of a series of blog posts about how I have interpreted the Urban Sketchers manifesto.)


  1. I've enjoyed seeing your recent sketches and catching up on what you wrote. Good job! I'm glad to see you post even if the sketch doesn't quite meet the perfect proportions. I do that too...I post the good and the not so good.

    1. Thanks, Joan! Yeah, I figure if I posted only what I thought was "good," I wouldn't have much to put on my blog! :-) And I hope my drawing skills will keep improving over time, and the blog will become an interesting documentation of my growth. I guess we'll see!


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