Sunday, April 18, 2021



Pencil eraser used as stamp

For the remaining days of my series, I am challenging myself to use unconventional materials – either the media, the tool, the support or all three. I don’t test first; I simply decide what I’m going to use, then hit it.

Of the 398 drawings so far, the one done in ketchup is the only one that no longer exists; after the photo was taken, it went straight into the trash (we have an ant problem as it is). It was also the most disappointing in appearance – I always thought ketchup would be a brighter red.

My favorite so far is the blending stump used with fountain pen ink. I’ve only ever used a stump with graphite and charcoal, so I had no idea how it would behave with a liquid medium. The soft marks are surprisingly beautiful.

Every idea is worth trying.

Toothpick and Simple Truth organic ketchup

Blending stump and Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-peki ink

Sailor Naginata fude de Mannen fountain pen and Iroshizuku Yama-budo ink on Kirkland brand paper towel

Mitsubishi Dermatograph grease pencils on newsprint

Vintage rolling date stamp
Q-Tip and India ink on catalog page


  1. You've really found a few interesting ways to produce lines and color. Fun experiments! I'm surprised the ink didn't bleed more on the paper towel. I think that is my favorite of this group.

    1. I'm having fun, but I'm also relieved that there's an end date! I will run out of ideas soon!


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