Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The Jab at Last

4/5/21 Microsoft Conference Center, Redmond

A couple of acquaintances on Facebook said they burst into tears after receiving their first vaccine. One, immunocompromised, has been housebound for more than a year, so the thought of feeling safer outside his own home was especially emotional. Even those who didn’t mention tears at least announced their vaccinations with joy and relief.

No sticker at this facility, but I wear my bandaid with hope and relief.
After a year of anxiety and then much anticipation since the vaccine became available, I wondered how I would feel when I finally got my turn for a jab. Driving through Microsoft’s Redmond campus toward its conference center, I was feeling more nostalgic than emotional. This was the same campus where I worked for many years a couple of decades ago. Some parts of it had changed, but some had not. I thought about co-workers and teams I had worked with as I passed certain buildings. The Azteca that we frequented for margaritas and nachos after work was gone, but in its place were excavators getting ready for new buildings.

Inside the conference center, a well-oiled machine of friendly staff kept me moving in the right direction. Roped stanchions were ready for a Disneyland crowd, but yesterday afternoon, I had the place nearly to myself. It all happened so quickly and efficiently that I barely had time to feel emotional.

Filling my 15-minute wait time, I felt rusty . . . it’s been more than a year since I last sketched people in the same room. The result looks blah for such an important event.

Driving back home on 520, the sky was a brilliant blue and wide open. I felt nothing but immense gratitude.


  1. Congrats! What a relief, but please continue to post a sketch of your hand once in a while. It's been a powerful inspiration.

    1. Thank you! and the hands will continue until Day 407 when I get jab No. 2! I'm happy to hear that you've been inspired by them!

  2. I'm so glad you got the vaccine. I didn't really feel much excitement when I got either of my vaccines, maybe because there were no other people getting shots at the same time so there was no excitement in the air. It was a little different when Jerry got his. We were still at a Walgreens but both of us were there to share his experience.

    1. I'm relieved for all of us who have the good sense to be vaccinated!


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