Monday, February 10, 2020

Green Oasis

2/7/20 Barn & Field Kitchen & Bakery inside Swansons Nursery

For the next assignment in my botanical drawing class, we were asked to bring a blossoming plant. I headed straight for Swansons Nursery, where they had exactly what I needed (you’ll see it soon).

It was a good opportunity for a sketch break at the nursery’s café. Whenever I visit Swansons with USk Seattle, I’m more inclined to sketch Santa and the reindeer than the plants. On this drizzly, gloomy morning, though, the café was a green oasis with orange koi swimming languorously in their pond. Looking around, I saw that patrons were having actual conversations instead of staring into devices (I don’t think wi-fi is available). It’s brightly illuminated with natural light, and the coffee and pastries are delicious. It’s not exactly in my neighborhood, but the drive is easy enough. I think I may have resolved the coffee shop issue I mentioned yesterday!


  1. This sounds like a great place to sketch...and like being outdoors in a tropical paradise!

    1. Yes, it's exactly that! I have to go there more often this winter!


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