Wednesday, February 5, 2020

An Adventure on Bainbridge

2/1/20 Seattle Ferry Terminal

Last weekend I had an opportunity to take a workshop in Winslow on Bainbridge Island (a report on the workshop coming soon). It’s not far away, but riding the ferry for 35 minutes always makes me feel like I’m going on a little adventure.

Normally, if I make a trip to Bainbridge, it’s in the summer when I can enjoy the water view and the fun galleries, shops and cafes there. In the dead of winter, not as many tourists have packed the town. With a few minutes to kill before my workshop, I looked down from the Winslow Mall’s upper level to sketch the locals queued up for coffee and pastries at Covet Bakery’s kiosk.

2/1/20 Winslow Mall


  1. Sometimes seeing a tourist area off season is even better. I like these!

    1. I agree -- and the locals are more likely to be out, too!


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