Friday, June 14, 2019

Sun Break at Freeway Park

6/8/19 Freeway Park
6/8/19 Ellie giving a demo

Ellie Doughty taught “Dry Air,” her new USk Seattle 10x10 workshop, last Saturday, so I popped in briefly to see how things were going. Rain was predicted that morning, so she had wisely changed her workshop location from a park to the Convention Center, where the floor-to-ceiling windows offer excellent views of downtown. I was going to take advantage of one of those views myself, but – wouldn’t you know it? The whole day was dry!

After a quick sketch of Ellie, I couldnt resist going out to adjacent Freeway Park, where the sun was darting in and out of clouds. Although the park doesn’t offer the high views of the city that the Convention Center does, its maze of walls and lush trees and plantings are eye-catching in a different way. Just then, the sun broke through a patch of clouds, and I spotted a play of light and shadow through the trees.

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  1. Having the sun come out to create shadows just makes the sketch so much better!


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