Wednesday, June 12, 2019

June Gloom

6/1/19 Wedgwood neighborhood

I first heard the expression “June Gloom” when I was visiting L.A. It’s a weather pattern marked by foggy or overcast skies and cool temperatures during the late spring and early summer. The weather people here like the term, too. The fog usually burns off around noon, but it starts to dissipate gradually long before that, so on this morning I headed over to Wedgwood early. The dips and rises in that neighborhood’s hills seem to emphasize the varying distances of the trees, which make them fun to draw in fog.

I had a feeling the car could disappear before I finished, but I could see that the fog was starting to thin, too. I had to make a choice.


  1. This captures the fog so well! Bravo!!

    1. Thanks, Joan! I do love the moodiness of fog, and I also enjoy drawing it!


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