Saturday, June 15, 2019

Downtown in Maple Leaf

6/9/19 Maple Leaf neighborhood

Although I’ve lived in Maple Leaf for more than 30 years and drive on this street occasionally, I walk on it far less often. Street views always look different on foot. When I’m driving, I must attend to not crashing, so I miss things, like the downtown skyline just above the treeline. Out walking on a quiet Sunday afternoon, the city view caught me by surprise.

Technical note: In a recent alley sketch, I impulsively tried adding yellow to the red and blue I’ve been experimenting with, and it didn’t seem quite right. This time I was more deliberate in my addition of yellow to represent the near-lightest values. I don’t use yellow much as an abstract color, so it was fun, and I like using the three primaries together. What do you think? Is yellow an interesting addition?


  1. I definitely like the yellow addition. It adds to the sketch I think.

    1. It does give the sketch a sunnier look, doesn't it?

  2. I like how the yellow adds a little sunshine!


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