Sunday, January 20, 2019

Up for Grabs

USk Seattle held its sixth annual Gab & Grab on Friday. Held at a public library, it’s an opportunity for show-and-tell of our favorite sketch supplies and a place to swap books and materials we are no longer using.

Since I recently cleared out my studio, I brought in two heavy tote bags of notebooks, sketchbooks, pencil cases, pencils, paints, brushes and who knows what else. Some of it came from a generous blog reader who sent me a large box of supplies that she was no longer using and knew that I would find a way to share. (You know who you are – thank you!) Though it was tempting, I resisted taking more than a couple of pencils I hadn’t tried and a small sketchbook that I knew I would use.

I love sharing and reusing resources this way, and it’s always fun to hear about new tools and materials people have discovered. In fact, I had fully intended to document the event by sketching it like I did last year, but I got so involved in listening to the show & tell and taking photos that (gasp!) I forgot to sketch!

This photo doesn't show everything that was up for grabs... some of the good stuff had already been snapped up before I took the photo!

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