Tuesday, April 3, 2018


4/2/18 Sunset Hill neighborhood

Pink at last!

A couple of weeks ago Urban Sketchers Seattle met on a block in the Sunset Hill neighborhood that turns into a fairyland this time of year. Unfortunately, we were a bit premature, and all the cherry buds were still tightly closed. My memories of the spectacular flowering were based on 2015 and 2016, when I sketched in mid- to late-March. Last year, though, they peaked during the first week of April, so it’s not that they are particularly late this year. It just feels that way because we had such a cold winter, and those cold temperatures continue even now. Almost every morning, it’s still in the 30s, which is very unusual for April in these parts.

But never mind all that winter talk. I’m seeing pink on Sunset Hill, so as far as I’m concerned, spring is officially on.


  1. Oh, I'm so jealous!!! Your sketch reminds me of the promenade at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens that is side to side pinks when it blooms. We have nothing but crocuses and lenten roses blooming and they just got dumped on by the snow yesterday. I'm afraid our trees will start to flower just as I'm leaving for Australia and I won't have time to paint them.

    1. Sorry to hear you are still in winter over there! It's been a tough winter in general! Hopefully, Australia will still be warm when you get there -- fall is just starting, right?


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