Tuesday, April 11, 2017

This Time with Water-Soluble Colored Pencils

4/7/17 water-soluble colored pencil, 98 lb. mixed media paper
As my colored pencil class was ending at Gage, I asked instructor Suzanne Brooker if she ever offered a class in the use of watercolor pencils (which I still find to be more practical in the field than traditional colored pencils ever could be, based on what I learned during winter quarter). Although she had taught it previously, she did not have plans to teach it again. However, I persisted in pestering her, and then a few other students also expressed interest when they heard me pestering. The result was that Suzanne offered us a four-week private class in water-soluble colored pencil in her own studio! (I live my life by the rule that it never hurts to ask – or even pester – because the worst that can happen is I get the answer no. But sometimes I get the answer yes! 😊)

Four of us accepted her generous offer, and we began our four sessions last week. As before, we are working from photo references. I’m already learning things I never understood when simply messing around with water-soluble pencils (as all of my experience so far has been). Last week’s assignment is shown here – trees and foliage. I’ll have more to say about the specific techniques we’re learning after I finish this week’s exercise.


  1. Wow! The trees and texture are wonderful! I struggle with greens in watercolor and these trees have just what I've been wanting from watercolor, looking forward to hearing how you did these. Ps glad you pestered too!

  2. Great sketch... good values and textures! I DO want to hear (or read) about what you're learning! I had a colored pencil class, too, but it didn't cover watercolor pencils so I've only been "messing about" as well.

  3. Great job!!! Can't wait to hear about what you're learning!


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