Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Getting Toned

3/21/17 ink, colored pencil, gel pen, graphite
Using toned paper is an ideal way to focus on values in a sketch. Every now and then I get in the mood for it and bind a sheet or two into my everyday sketchbook. Unfortunately, the 80-pound Strathmore toned paper I have is intended for dry media, so my fountain pens and some markers can bleed through.

The past year I’ve been getting my toned paper fix by using a red Field Notes Sweet Tooth notebook, which is not only bright red – the paper is heavy enough to withstand anything I’ve thrown at it, including markers and a light waterbrush wash. Both black shadows and white highlights pop beautifully on that red. But sometimes I wish the page were a little larger. I’ve also wanted to experiment with colored pencils on toned paper. . . 

Guess what? I heard from a very reliable source that my favorite sketchbook maker is coming out with a toned paper edition! I’m betting that the papers will be of similar heft and quality as the rest of its stellar sketchbook line. I can’t wait! (You heard it here first!)


  1. Dude. Seriously!!??? Excellent!! I've been wanting to try toned paper!!!

  2. You're right about the black and white popping on the toned pages. Nice!!

  3. hmm....haven't tried toned paper. Could be my next project.

  4. S&B toned paper?!!!!??? YESSSSSS!!!

    1. I know -- isn't that exciting?! I heard it would be released around May!


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