Thursday, July 21, 2016

Strumming and Grilling at the Market

7/14/16 ink, colored pencils
The Queen Anne neighborhood’s weekly farmers market always brings in terrific food trucks and plenty of community seating. Last week when the weather finally started feeling like summer, we picked up our produce there in the late afternoon and then stayed for dinner.

After strolling past all the food trucks to sniff out my options, I chose Mystery Bay Seafood Catering, where I got the best grilled salmon sandwich I have ever had! As a Pacific Northwest native, I’ve eaten a lot of delicious salmon in my life, so my standards are fairly high, and this sandwich was amazing. The poor guy at the booth was all alone, but he moved briskly and efficiently among the grills and chowder pots to keep his line of hungry patrons happy.

After dinner we stopped for ice cream at another food truck. I found seats directly across from a classical guitarist who gave us delightful music to scarf our ice cream down by.

7/14/16 ink, colored pencils
Ahhhh. I know I say this every year, but it’s the truth: Summer in Seattle doesn’t get any better than this! And its short and precious. I hope you’re enjoying your summer, too.

Summer at last!

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