Saturday, July 2, 2016

Flower Vendors

6/8/16 ink, colored pencils
Yesterday the farmers market sketch I showed was about values on toned paper. Today it’s all about color – two sketches of flower vendors at markets in June. 

Usually by this time of year my market sketches would be of buskers, my favorite summer sketching subject. I’m not sure if I’m going at the wrong times or to the wrong markets, but I haven’t seen any besides PK Dwyer. It’s been a great season for strawberries and early peaches; I hope it’s not a bad season for buskers. 

6/16/16 inks, colored pencils, watercolor


  1. Nicely done -- I like the way you highlighted the flowers with the ink/gray backgrounds and people. Buskers have been at the Shoreline Farmer's Market the past two Saturdays (10-3pm).

    1. You know, the Shoreline market is probably the only one in the area that I haven't checked out. . . I'll have to get over there one of these Saturdays! Thanks, Alex.


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