Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Meridian Park (Test 2)

7/6/16 Technalo pencil, colored pencil
Here's my second try at blogging remotely. I've simplified the process a bit by giving up on the CamScanner app, which seemed like such a good idea. Unfortunately, images couldn't be resized, and the default size was very small. For this sketch of picnickers at Meridian Park, I simply took a photo of the sketch.

I got several good suggestions from readers about dictating into the phone instead of writing, but my brain is wired so directly to my keyboard that I realized I couldn't think and dictate at the same time. ;-) But this little inexpensive and portable Anker keyboard speeds up phone blogging immensely!

I think I'm good. Ready or not, Manchester symposium, here I come (in three weeks exactly!).

Edited: Now that I'm in the Blogger editor from my desktop, I see that the image still can't be resized -- so the problem is not with CamScanner; it's with Blogaway (the third-party Blogger app I am using instead of the buggy Blogger app). Arggh. Back to the drawing board.

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  1. Good thinking for a way to type without those tiny keys. lol Hope you iron out the solution. I've been experimenting with my blogging program for my iPad so I can hopefully use it while we are in Venice this far it works from home and I can resize the photo I take of the painting or sketch. Now all I need is internet service while there. Supposedly we have wi-fi in the apartment we will be renting, but that was supposed to be the case last time too and it didn't work.


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