Saturday, July 16, 2016

May – July Sketchbook

My May - July sketchbook is bound.
Often it seems that my favorite sketches are those that I’ve done when I’m out sketching on my own instead of with Urban Sketchers. Maybe it’s that I’ve chosen the locations myself, so I already have more interest in the subject matter. Or maybe it’s just that at group outings I spend more time socializing and less time focusing on a composition.

As I picked out the sketches to put on my newly bound sketchbook’s covers, however, I realized that two of my favorites during this period were both from USk outings. One was done on a drizzly May morning at King Street Station. The other was made at Fishermen’s Terminal when USk Seattle celebrated its seventh anniversary.

In other sketchbook news, I know just last week I said I was going to fill the Stillman & Birn Alpha softcover book that I started that day. I lied. As soon as I put the sketches from that day on my scanner, I remembered that the Alpha paper is less opaque than I like, and I’ve been spoiled by the 140-pound Canson XL I’ve been using the past couple years. I switched immediately to my softcover Beta – and remembered how much I enjoyed that paper back when I was using it more regularly. This one I will definitely fill.

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  1. I definitely sketch less when in a group cuz I like the socializing and seeing what everyone else is doing.

    As for the S&B paper choices, when I use Alpha I draw on only one side; with Beta I use both sides. If you do the counts you'll see that you get almost the same number of actual sketches into each book by these methods.


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