Sunday, June 12, 2016

To Resist or Not to Resist

6/7/16 brush pen, colored pencil
One of my favorite things about taking sketchabouts in the ‘hood is admiring the flowers in my neighbors’ gardens. A few days ago I spotted some brilliant orange and yellow lilies growing against a fence. With flowers, it’s always hard to resist color, but I also know that I can learn more from using only value tones. To keep myself from being tempted, I pulled out my little red Field Notes and sketched an orange lily with nothing but a black brush pen and white colored pencil.

Of course, I can only resist for so long. Right after that sketch, I pulled out my colored pencils for the yellow lily growing nearby.

6/7/16 colored pencils


  1. Both are so different, but great!!! They look really nice on the red paper.

    1. Thanks, Joan! It's really fun to try the same subject twice in very different ways.


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