Friday, June 3, 2016

National Donut Day

6/2/16 ink, watercolor, colored pencils
I try to limit my consumption of donuts to two or three a year. The last time may have been in January when Urban Sketchers Seattle met at the Top Pot Doughnuts in West Seattle, when it happened to be Elvis’s birthday (Top Pot’s special was the King’s Rings – with bacon, of course). Not unlike that day, today was yet another notable day for U.S. consumption of fat and sugar – namely, National Donut Day!

Forward-thinking sketch journalist that I am, I started documenting this important holiday by going to the Top Pot in Wedgwood yesterday. With a giant donut on the overhang and palm trees to boot, it’s the best-decorated Top Pot in town. (Three years ago I sketched the same giant donut for the Urban Sketchers Flickr group’s “toroid” theme.)

I resisted going inside, however, because I was saving that for the big day! Top Pot’s flagship store downtown had a line out the door when I arrived late-morning, and they weren’t even giving out free donuts like other chains were (Top Pot is having a fundraiser for Northwest Harvest food banks instead). After I scarfed down my Bavarian cream (which I sketched really fast) at an outdoor table, I caught part of Top Pot’s neon sign and the lovely trees shading the sidewalk.

6/3/16 inks, colored pencils
Ahhh, summer. Happy Fat and Sugar Day!

6/3/16 brush pen, white gel pen


  1. Two or three a year??? And yet you know the date of National Donut Day??? Something just ain't right, Tina. No, that just ain't right. Eat more, more often. Love the sketches :-)


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