Monday, June 13, 2016

Feeling Small

6/12/16 gel pen
Shortly after I had heard about the mass shooting in Orlando yesterday, I went for a walk around my neighborhood as I always do. Shocked and saddened, I also felt ashamed: How can I go out now making my little sketches as if everything were fine and normal? I felt small and petty. Nothing I do will change things for the 49 people dead, nor for the people who knew and loved them. When someone expresses hatred so deep, it’s difficult not to take it personally.

I’ve heard it said many times that the only antidote to hate is love. Sketching is what I do to express my love for life every day.

I came home with a sketch in my sketchbook, just as I always do. 


  1. It is a strange feeling to need to sketch after such a horrible tragedy. We need to continue doing what we love while we remember those that were killed or hurt.

  2. When I saw your sketch on Instagram, it actually helped feel a little better. I had been so heavy hearted and tearing up all day, thinking of those lives lost and how that many of them were the same ages as my sons. Just, unthinkable. I really appreciated your post.
    I think that art and creating of any kind is a good thing at a time like this, even if it's just to keep ourselves sane and healthy. This is not to say we should be apathetic to these hateful, senseless acts. Terrorism is all its forms need to be eradicated. Period. But, Sketching and creating seems like a positive flow of energy that helps recharge and nourish our spirits. We can then help others and bring more love into the world, even if it's just to smile at someone in passing or have more patience driving. More than that, I feel like art is a kind of protest against allowing fear, hatred, anger, and sadness to extinguish our light. Especially in times like this, the world needs all the light it can muster, no matter how dim, to bring everything into correct the perspective. It's something to balance out the chaos and negative energy, even if we perceive it as trivial. The stars help bring clarity to the night, and a small stone can have a huge ripple effect.

    1. Thank you so much, Wendi. I agree completely -- art IS a protest against hatred and anger, a statement that we will not be defeated.

      - Tina

  3. Dear Friend,
    No words to exprime all tragedy. God bless the families.


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