Thursday, June 9, 2016

Reluctant Diners and a Piggy Bank

6/9/16 ink, colored pencils
Mid-morning seems to be a popular time for parents to feed toddlers at Whole Foods. One strapped to a high chair, one seated in a shopping cart, they were both less interested in food than in what was going on around them.

From retired men shootin’ the breeze to Roosevelt High students on their lunch break, an interesting cross-section of people shop and eat at the Whole Foods in my ‘hood.

6/9/16 brush pen
6/9/16 ink, white colored pencil, Strathmore toned paper
6/9/16 brush pen, white Gelly Roll gel pen
6/9/16 ink, colored pencil, Strathmore toned paper

One young man caught my eye, but not in a good way. After I shared this sketch on social media (with the comment, “If you dress like this, beware: Someday I’ll sketch you and post the sketch on Instagram”), a Facebook friend told me that in Brazil, this particular fashion statement is called a “pig bank slot.” 

Be happy that I didn’t take a trophy shot.

1 comment:

  1. LOL Love the last sketch...too often a view we get. I liked seeing your sketches of the toddlers. You captured them well. Time well spent at Whole Foods.


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