Sunday, May 8, 2016

Duke Ellington’s Sacred Music

5/7/16 ink, colored pencil
Two local choral groups, the Phinney Ridge Gospel Choir and the City Cantabile Choir, gave a joint performance last night called “Duke and the Divine,” a celebration of Duke Ellington’s sacred music. It was a lively evening of not only spirited music but tap dancing and singalong, too. There’s something about sketching while listening to live music that enhances both experiences!

After filling several pages of my sketchbook with small sketches, I suddenly realized I was on the last page – but I wasn’t done sketching! Luckily, I had my red Field Notes with me. It serves its own purposes, but it’s also a good backup book.

5/7/16 ink
5/7/16 brush pen

5/7/16 brush pen
5/7/16 brush pen, white gel pen

5/7/16 brush pen
5/7/16 brush pen, colored pencil

1 comment:

  1. Yes, music and sketching go together as well as PB & jelly! Good job on the sketches...glad you had a backup book for sketching.


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