Monday, May 9, 2016

Big Tree, Small Tree

5/9/16 ink, watercolor, colored pencil
You’ve seen me sketch this tree before. It’s one that I like to draw with brush pens and even calligraphy pens because those asymmetrical, feathery branches seem to call for them. It’s also very handy on days like today when I knew I’d be busy with appointments and errands and wouldn’t have time to get out for a “proper” sketch: I just walked out on our second-floor deck. (I could also sketch it from the “throne” in our downstairs bathroom, but the deck was definitely sunnier and more pleasant on this beautiful day.)

After I finished the large tree, I was about to go back inside when I saw the nice shadow cast by the tiny tree across the street. I see this type of tree everywhere, but as usual, I don’t know its name. Right now, it’s covered with white trefoil-shaped blossoms.

5/9/16 brush pen, white gel pen


  1. I bet your small tree is a dogwood - and the blossoms will be quatrefoil. Nice sketches!

  2. That's exactly the tree I was going to guess. And, as usual, your sketches are great!

  3. You're both right -- it's a dogwood! I confirmed with a neighbor who knows her trees. I learn so much from sketching!

    - Tina


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