Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Star Stuff and Chocolates

9/15/15 inks, colored pencils
Still playing tourists in our own town, we took our visitor to Fran’s Chocolates in Georgetown for a chocolate break. I’d forgotten about the Astronaut on the Town there, so while Greg and Mary watched the ladies making chocolates by hand, I got my opportunity to sketch one more astronaut. (It was probably my last chance to enter the selfie contest; the Museum of Flight’s 50th anniversary celebration culminates this Saturday. The other two astronauts I’ve sketched were at Third Place Books and Salty’s on Alki.)

Star Stuff,” painted by Abigail Kinney Maxey, is inspired by a quotation by Carl Sagan. According to the artist’s statement, “Common living things, such as a dandelion plant, are celebrated in constellations to honor the existence of life in our vast universe. Design patterns bring to mind a starry night sky, bubbles in water, grains of sand, or single living cells.” I don’t know about the universe, but eating Chocolate Imperiales while chatting and coloring the astronaut’s suit is a delightful way to honor the existence of life here on earth.

One more selfie with an astronaut to enter the Museum of Flight's


  1. Sounds like a fun way to sketch...love the astronaut! Great job!!

  2. Great sketch of your astronaut, again! Hope you win!


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