Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Street Colors

9/21/15 inks, watercolor, colored pencil, Zig marker
At right is the traffic circle in the Greenwood neighborhood that is one of my favorites. Instead of just one tree, it has three relatively slender maples growing in it. (Ironically, the trees are leafy enough that the yellow caution sign in the center is barely peeking through.) Last year at just about the same time, the tree on the northern side of the intersection was showing lots of color while the other two were still mostly green. This time I sketched the circle from the opposite side, facing west, and found that the trees are following the same coloring pattern. Last year I intended to return later to see what it looked like when all three trees had turned, but I forgot. This time I made a note on my calendar to go back in a few weeks.

A couple of miles due east in my own ‘hood is the traffic circle below. A dirty brush and some leftover yellow in my Cobalt made for a greenish streak in the sky that got worse when my tree bled into it. But I’m not that picky – color is color – and this is definitely the time of year for it.

9/22/15 inks, watercolor, colored pencil, Zig marker

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  1. I think the bleeding greens add a charm to the sketch. Nice tree sketches. Ours really haven't started changing much, although they have started dropping leaves. I wonder what the colors will be like since we had such a dry summer.


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