Wednesday, October 2, 2013


10/2/13 various inks, 100 lb. paper
This week’s Urban Sketchers Flickr group theme is “People Walking,” which was suggested by me. As weekly theme host debora000 says, “Miatagrrl has challenged us to sketch people walking. Not an easy subject, but a very common element in urban scenes. Who will accept the challenge?” Many have – quite well! I posted a few sketches from the past year of pedestrians I’ve captured at Green Lake, but since it’s a theme I suggested, I shamed myself into sketching something new today.

Instead of looking for a complete scene to sketch, I decided to make several gestural sketches just trying to get the position and the shading of the legs right. Sketching people from the side is difficult enough; they always seem to have a keep-on-truckin’ stride. But what’s even more difficult is sketching them from the front or back and capturing enough angle or shading on the bent leg to indicate that the person is, indeed, walking rather than standing. 

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  1. Nice movement in these. I need practice doing people walking too. I find that if I get the legs I don't have time to get the rest of the body too before they are out of my range of vision. I keep forgetting about the flickr group challenges. I'll have to go over and look.


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