Monday, October 28, 2013

Too Breezy

10/28/13 Platinum Carbon ink, watercolor
The bright sunshine was deceptive. The trees waving back and forth were a clue, but after days of endless fog, I guess I was just too happy to see the clear blue sky again that I thought those trees were kidding. But when I stepped out of my car to catch a quick sketch of a few shivering maples, I shuddered myself in the harsh wind and decided I could sketch them just as well from inside my car.

Disappointed that the outdoors weren’t as inviting as I had thought, I stopped at Zoka Coffee for a more leisurely sketch.

(Technical note: In evaluating the various papers I’ve been trying, I’ve focused mainly on how each takes a watercolor wash, since that’s a major criterion for using it. Today at Zoka, I used both Lamy and Sailor fountain pens, and I really like how both nibs skated easily on the Canson XL’s smooth surface.)

10/28/13 Private Reserve Velvet Black and Diamine Eclipse inks, Sailor pen, Canson Montval (left) and Canson XL (right) 140 lb. papers

1 comment:

  1. Love your colorful tree with the car beneath it. You got to practice a car too. It was too windy here today to sit outside the car. I was able to sit with the windows open but the wind would have blown my paper all the way to England. lol Great job on the cafe! You did so much detail in this one.


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