Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Best of Both Worlds

9/11/13 Platinum Carbon, Diamine Grey & Choc. Brown inks
You know the rule about not wearing white after Labor Day? In Seattle, I think the rule should be that we don’t sweat after Labor Day. I know I’ll probably be struck down by lightning for saying this, especially since I’ve been whining about the imminence of fall for more than a month, but I’m saying it anyway: It’s 93 degrees today, and that’s too dang hot for September!

I had a little time before my yoga class, so I was going to sit at a nearby outdoor coffee shop table to sketch. But when I walked into the lovely air-conditioned café to get my beverage, I couldn’t get myself back out the door. Instead, I was delighted to find a comfy couch right next to a large window looking out at the very tables that I might have been sweating at. I was hoping some people more heat-hearty than I am would sit down out there so I could sketch them, but I guess everyone else was just as wimpy.

No matter. Comfortable in the AC’d room, sipping my iced Americano, sketching a sunny view dappled by tree shade – I’m good with that.

9/11/13 Diamine Eclipse and Diamine Grey inks


  1. Nice sketches. Did you do both from inside in the AC? I like the way the green contrasts with the rest of the grey tones in the first one. We had really hot temps yesterday too. I went to the beach (something I will continue to do until I have to sit there in a coat and hat. lol) Enjoy!

  2. I like the first sketch in particular. The shading and feeling of light is so good.
    That 93 degrees set a record for the date!
    As I said, I spent the day in AC learning about the new Nexus 7.


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