Monday, September 23, 2013

Rusty People-Sketching Chops at Whole Foods

9/23/13 Diamine Chocolate Brown ink, Sailor pen
After finishing a few errands this morning, it was still raining hard. I considered stopping by at Zoka Coffee for some sketching, but it was so sloppy-wet outside that I didn’t feel like getting out of the car. . . and then I remembered: Whole Foods on Roosevelt has an underground parking garage as well as a spacious café area. Score!

I can’t really complain about the rain – I had a great summer with plenty of outdoor sketching – but that means I haven’t spent much concentrated time sketching people since last spring. Sure, I sketched quite a few vendors and buskers at farmers markets, but its at coffee shops that people busy on their laptops might as well be paid models  they hardly move at all. Thats how I work on my people-sketching chops. 

I had settled in at a well-positioned table with coffee and sketchbook, and that’s when I noticed that people come and go much more quickly at Whole Foods. The reason? No wi-fi. My rusty people-sketching chops definitely got a workout trying to keep up with hungry patrons scarfing down quick meals.
9/23/13 Diamine Chocolate Brown and Private Reserve  Ebony Brown inks, 100 lb. paper
9/23/13 Chocolate Brown and Ebony Brown inks, 100 lb. paper


  1. I guess the lack of wi-fi makes people move off quicker...but you got some really good sketches done. How great that you didn't even have to get wet going in.

  2. I'd say your people sketching skills are well intact. These are quite good!


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