Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Work Spaces

Photo by Greg Mullin
The Art House Co-op, sponsor of the popular Sketchbook Project that I recently took part in, also sponsors a series of free projects called “Encyclopedia of.” The current theme is “Work Spaces,” and participants were invited to submit images of their studios, offices and anything else they see as a work space.
As an urban sketcher, I think of my primary “studio” as the bag I carry wherever I go, and the whole world is a potential work space, so I submitted this photo of myself “working.” The collection of images is a fun slide show of more than 900 work spaces, including many art studios.


  1. Nice to see you in action! I read your post below. My sister gave me a copy of the book for Christmas and I find it fascinating. I love the stories that go with each makes them that much more personal. I want to visit all those locations. lol

    1. Hi Joan,

      Yes, I had the same feeling when I read The Art of Urban Sketching -- it was like getting an intimate tour of the artist's home town, and I wanted to visit all the locations I saw.


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