Friday, February 1, 2013

Australasia’s Dozing Residents

2/1/13 Platinum Sepia ink, watercolor, Stillman & Birn Gamma sketchbook
The weatherman promised temps in the high 40s, possible sun breaks and no rain! That was good enough for me – I made time in the afternoon for the year’s first trip to the zoo.
Making my way toward Australasia with hopes of seeing the snow leopard cubs, I found a wallaby leisurely resting in the shade. She stayed nearly still for a full 20 minutes, allowing me the rare opportunity to use watercolors at the zoo. Amazingly, just as I finished up, an emu came by to annoy the wallaby, who hopped away.
2/1/13 Diamine Chocolate Brown ink, Zig markers
The snow leopard cubs weren’t out today, but I got a different rare treat: a view of their exquisite mom. Like the wallaby, the leopard was dozing and stayed still for the 10 minutes I sketched her – and got up to leave just as I finished.
Despite the balmy temperature, I was chilled by the time I got to the owls, so I didn’t linger long. Once again, a snowy owl looking dozy posed perfectly still for a few minutes – just long enough for me to capture it.  
2/1/13 Diamine Eclipse ink


  1. Good sketches and a fortuitous time at the zoo!

  2. Nice collection of zoo sketches. I like the one of the wallaby...directly in wc if I'm not mistaken. Even with temps of 40 degrees you start to feel the cold after a while. Thanks for sharing these.


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