Friday, February 15, 2013

Ballard Centennial Bell Tower

2/15/13 Platinum Carbon ink, watercolor, S & B Gamma sketchbook
The weatherman predicted temperatures in the balmy 50s and sunshine for today! Although it wasn’t quite that warm yet in the morning, that didn’t stop several Seattle Urban Sketchers from meeting up with sketcher Sharon Bryant in the Ballard neighborhood for an ad hoc sketchcrawl. Temps in the foggy 40s did seem balmy to this visitor from Vermont who managed to leave town just in time to miss the Storm of the Century.
Peggy and I found hospitable tables and chairs outside Miro Tea with a great view of the Ballard Centennial Bell Tower. Standing in Marvin’s Garden, the tower marks the site of the original Ballard City Hall building, which was destroyed in the 1965 earthquake. Typical for me, I ran out of space on my paper for the bottom of the tower, so I considered sketching it again. By then, my hands were cold, even with my fingerless mittens on, so I warmed them up with some green tea from the tea shop. Fortified and warmed, I sketched the tower again, but this time I got more interested in the tree in front of it.
2/15/13 Diamine Grey ink, Zig markers, Stillman & Birn Gamma sketchbook
I had to run to an appointment before the sketchbook sharing, but not before snapping a photo of Peggy and one of Sharon and Frank sketching across the street from us.
By afternoon, the weatherman delivered the goods: On the way home from my appointment, MiataGrrl took the top down!
Sharon and Frank


  1. It is great that you have a group that gets together. Nice sketches of the tower! I love how you use so many different pens.

    1. Thanks, Joan! I'm really grateful to have a local group that gets together regularly and often!


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