Monday, February 25, 2013

Silver Subaru

2/25/13 Platinum Sepia ink, Platinum Carbon wash, Zig markers, watercolor
It’s only Monday, so I decided to get my car-sketching exercise over with early in the week. After stopping at the library’s Green Lake branch, I drove toward the west side of the lake and pulled into a parking lot (though a different one from the one where my car battery died last week, just in case bad car battery jujus lingered).
After a cold and breezy morning, the sun came out, so the lake was crowded with walkers, and the lot was fairly full. Twice when I targeted a car and started to sketch, its owner came by and drove away. (When Peggy and I were sketching the Ballard Centennial Bell Tower together a while back, she remarked that the surest way to make a car go away was to start sketching it.) Three’s a charm, and this silver Subaru stayed put long enough for me to finish the sketch. (Though barely – I was still scribbling shadows when it drove away, so I had to paint from memory.)

1 comment:

  1. LOL The surest way to make anything go away is to start sketching it. You are doing well with the cars. I like how you showed a bit of the interior too. Maybe the secret is to wait by an empty space and hope someone pulls in. That way you get them from the start of their visit.


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