Monday, August 20, 2012

Leaving Well Enough Alone

8/20/12 F-C Pitt Artist's Pen, watercolor, S & B sketchbook
When I finished sketching and painting a lamp post, its hanging basket of fuchsia and a bit of a table umbrella at University Village, the composition was mostly complete, but I thought I’d give the scene some context by “ghosting” in a few people in the background. I liked the way that looked, but instead of calling it good, I started ghosting in a few architectural details behind the lamp post. I didn’t like that, so I kept going, hoping it would miraculously improve. It didn’t. I should have left well enough alone.

Just this morning over breakfast, I was reading this bit of advice from Grant Fuller in his book, Start Sketching and Drawing Now: “As soon as you become unsure of what to do next, the answer is always ‘stop.’”

I used to think the hardest thing about drawing is getting started. Now I think it’s stopping – soon enough.

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  1. Troof! I used to stop too soon, but now I've fallen into the habit of working pieces to death. I think yours turned out beautifully, though; I could show you some wretched, darkened works that I SWEAR were looking awesome, they just needed one...more...thing...


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