Sunday, August 12, 2012

Brick Tudor

8/12/12 Copic Multiliner SP pen, watercolor, Stillman & Birn sketchbook
OK, I’ve stopped procrastinating: I said I was going to sketch more architecture, and I am.

To be honest, I went to Green Lake to look for the heron I’ve spotted several times recently, but always while I was walking for exercise and therefore without my sketch kit. Today I went with the sole purpose of sketching the majestic bird, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find it.

I was tempted to sit on a shady bench to sketch a few walkers, some trees, etc. – no point in hurting my brain on such a beautiful morning. But I turned around and saw one of my favorite brick Tudor houses in the neighborhood. This one is right on Aurora Avenue North on the other side of the concrete divide.

I gave myself a break and chose a head-on elevation view, avoiding most of the perspective issues. Baby steps, right?

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