Saturday, June 15, 2024

Summer is On at Pike Place Market


6/12/24 Pike Place Market

Although the Juneuary morning had called for multiple layers, you would certainly have believed it was full-on summer at the Pike Place Market. The fish were noisily flying among the fishmongers, the sun umbrellas were up, and the line outside the “original” Starbucks was a block long. By noon, the welcome sunshine appeared, layers were unlayered, and Roy and I met for sandwiches at Three Girls Bakery (the oldest continuously operating business at the Market and the first business licensed to women in Seattle). I was too hungry to sketch my lox and bagels, but I managed to catch the remains.

Adequately nourished, we sketched the Market “as if there’s no tomorrow,” according to Roy, and because “summer is short,” according to me.

Technical note: In a couple of these sketches, the white I used is a Tempera Paint Stick made by Shuttle Art. I learned about it from a sketcher friend a few weeks ago, and it’s an intriguing opaque medium. Made for kids, it applies like a wax pastel, but instead of being sticky and smudgy, it dries instantly and doesn’t smear or transfer at all! The blunt tip is a bit too chunky for these tiny sketches, but I’m going to try tapering it.

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  1. That was a lot of fun! -Roy

  2. Pikes Place Market is a place I always wanted to visit. Your sketches make it look like a lot of maybe I ca still get there some day.


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