Thursday, June 6, 2024

A Pause in the River

6/3/24 Wedgwood neighborhood

After several days of hard rain and wind (enough to cause power outages, flooding and fallen trees in some areas), we got a break on Monday. Still, it was windy enough that when I got out of my car to sketch, a gust nearly took my little sketchbook out of my hand! I decided to sketch from inside my car instead. All of these were made from the same parking spot, one after the other.

Comparing the comics-like page above to the one-off sketch below, I’m pleased with the way the comics tell a more complete story of a sunny but blustery morning in the Wedgwood neighborhood, especially with the addition of the haiku. The one-off sketch is really no different in terms of content or style, but its story feels lacking.

5/20/24 Green Lake neighborhood

It’s much harder now to go back to making the one-offs that I used to do so regularly before – I feel compelled to look around and find one or two more sketches that could complete the story better. I think one definition of a creative breakthrough is when it’s no longer possible to go back to an old way of doing something because my thinking has changed in some fundamental way. I think the last time that happened was during Ian Roberts’ 30-day composition challenge a couple of years ago, which changed the way I see. The overall goal of my creative life is for things like this to happen, so I’m thrilled when it finally does!


  1. The Wedgwood neighborhood particularly beautiful on that pink paper. I see what you mean about the difference between the two captures. The one-off one leaves me wanting more info somehow.

    1. Yes, exactly! It didn't feel insufficient before, but now that I'm putting together fuller stories, the one-offs leave me wanting, too.

  2. Yes, these give a more complete story of the location. I like these.


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