Friday, January 8, 2021



1/5/21 Lauren, 15- and 5-minute poses (I wish I'd done these on black paper!)

Chiaroscuro is the theme this month at Life Drawing +. The scheduled models have all promised to deliver dramatic lighting as they pose. Model Lauren this week stepped it up further with colored lights. In some poses, more of her was in shadow than in light, and it was an enjoyable challenge to try to capture that. It would be difficult enough in an actual life-drawing studio, but on Zoom, it was even more challenging as the unlighted areas quickly dropped away into darkness.

It wasn’t until I was scanning my sketchbook pages for this post that I had my V-8 moment: I should have used black paper for some of these! I’ll be ready next time.

20-min. pose

2-min. pose

5- and 2-min. poses

15-min. pose


  1. Looks like a different sketching session. What kind of ink did you use for the purple?

    1. It's a Kuretake Brush Writer! The ink is water-soluble and really intense!


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