Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Egg-citing Edition of Plumbago

An egg-cellent edition of Plumbago
Who knew that some of my sketches – long ago composted – would live a second life in Plumbago Magazine?

An occasional ‘zine published by Andy Welfle (co-host of the Erasable podcast about pencils), Plumbago includes poetry, short fiction, essays, and comics – and sometimes sketches and writing by yours truly. The theme of the latest issue is “Tiny,” and it includes images of what may be my tiniest sketches – made on colored, hard-boiled eggs. Shortly after I made the sketches a couple of years ago, I ate most of the eggs (Roy, appearing on one of them, ate his own) and tossed the shells, so they were probably also the most ephemeral of all my sketches. The perfect-bound zine itself is also tiny – the same size as a pocket notebook.

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