Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Smoky and Soggy

8/27/18 Wedgwood neighborhood

It’s been a while since I last bagged an urban couch. I first spotted this one several days ago when I couldn’t stop for it. After that the wildfire smoke came back, and we even had some rain, so I was certain that I had missed my chance. When I drove by again yesterday, however, it was still there (a bit soggy and probably smoked). See those shadows? I’m happy to say that the smoke has cleared off, at least for now.

I’ve always heard that Labor Day weekend is a big one for moving, so I have high hopes of bagging another couch or two this week. Wish me luck (better yet, let me know if you spot one!).


  1. These make me laugh. Maybe they shouldn't... poor abandoned couch.

  2. Couches on the sidewalk and trees cropped for electric wires always make me think of you, Tina. lol


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