Friday, August 24, 2018


8/20/18 Sun Country jet at MSP

It’s become something of a custom for urban sketchers to sketch planes while they’re waiting at an airport. It’s a good opportunity, of course, to practice sketching aircraft, but more than that, it’s sort of a signal of travel sketches to come (or closure of travel sketches completed). Despite the habit of arriving at the airport at least a couple hours before my flight, lately I haven’t had enough time for a plane sketch. When we flew out of SEA last week, it took us nearly an hour to get through TSA. (We never found out what the issue was, but we have never seen such a ridiculously snaking line as we did that day.)

Luckily, it took only a few minutes to get through TSA at Minneapolis-St. Paul coming home, so I had plenty of time for the mandatory plane sketch.

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